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Steve's Strat Work 2011 Intro part 1 of 6

Steve (SpeedJr) Normand's Fender American Stratocaster


Steve's Strat Work 2011 part 2 of 6




Steve's Strat 2011 part 3 of 6



Steve's Strat Work 2011 part 4 of 6

Steve (SpeedJr) Normand's Fender American Stratocaster

Copper Foil Shielding



Steve's Strat part 5 of 6

Refret complete


Steve's Strat part 6 of 6

Ready for delivery



Southbay Bob's Takamini Repair 2009

2002 Limited Edition Takamine with Bob Crelin-designed whale inlay. Guitar was damaged by falling monitor speaker.


Tenor Ukelele, January, 2009

Uke top joined


Fender Replica Vintage Telecaster shielding, refret and neck refinish, December 2008

The copper foil shielding significantly reduced pickup noise. The neck was refinished due to the cracking and peeling of the original thick vintage-style neck finish.





Dreadnaught 12-fret Myrtle, November 2008

D Myrtle headstock





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Garage shop

My shop includes two areas, a garage and a room in my house. The garage is where I do most of the "dirty work" with power tools including a table saw, band saw, surface planer, drill press, jointer/planer, and drum sander. The inside shop is where most of the assembly, fine woodworking, finishing, and setup takes place.

Garage shop

I also have an office studio for writing, playing, and recording.




In the shop, July 2008

In the shop, July 2008

In the shop, June 2008

In the shop, June 2008


Sides bent

In the shop, April 2008


March 2008

Dish forms, March 2008

December 2007

Dreadnaught fretboard bolts December, 2007


000c Myrtle

August 2007

In the shop August 2007








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